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Get Fit Get Safe. The Ultimate Self-Defense Workout For Women.


Krav Maga Great For Fitness – Perfect For Women’s Self-Defense. Women have long been considered the weaker sex, much to the protestations of feminists everywhere. Unfortunately, this stereotype exists even today in the 21st century. Perhaps that’s why violent crimes against women are at an all-time high. All women live with a certain level of […]

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2017 EDC Self Defense Items And How To Use Them (Video/Text)


Hauling ass out of a bad situation will always be the best way to end it. But if you would have to stand and fight. In those situations, one of the following items might come in handy. Take a little bit of time to learn how to use something like a TigerLady before you go slashing […]

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Is It Possible To Learn Self Defense From Videos.

(TheManiacAss’s channel) Continuing Krav Maga Training By Video. If you watch a lot of Krav Maga/martial arts videos, then you’re probably a lot like me—lonely. You’re also probably a student. A student trying to learn and improve yourself any way you can. I get that. The question is can you really learn Self defense from […]

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What Makes A Qualified Krav Maga Instructor


(Union Martial Arts) How do you determine if an instructor is qualified? That’s kind of difficult. Why? The martial arts is an unlicensed profession. In other words, there are no specific universally recognized standards. Anybody can buy a black belt and put it on. Anybody can open a martial arts school. So there’s no barrier […]

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