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This Report Will Change The Way You Look At Inflammations Effect On “YOUR” Weight Loss.

I want to put together a highlight reel of inflammation for you that gives you tips, tools, techniques that you can use to get rid of inflammation in your own life.

I think you’re gonna enjoy it. Check it out! Inflammation attacks us when we least expect it we go to bed, we wake up in pain, we twist our neck, it doesn’t makes us capable of being the fullest expression of who you and I are. So today we are attacking inflammation head on but first we have to understand the two primary pathways for your body to heal inflammation on its own. So if we help the body with the primary pathway of detoxification, of giving it the right foods, of eliminating the bad things then that secondary response doesn’t kick on.

You start to feel better. You’ve seen all of our juicing videos, I am a firm believers of drinking greens in the morning on an empty stomach, you know that’s why we do our warm water and lemon, stimulate that digestive fire as they talked about in Ayurveda and then having the green juice afterwards so that you absorb the phytonutrients, the phytochemicals, the amino’s, the enzymes and that’s if you’re travelling or whatever you are doing

that’s why a lot of people are taking the Organifi with them so that they get the green superfood first thing in the morning. Very powerful stuff and then gut health right? Inflammations starts in the gut with the food that we eat. 80 percent of our immune system is in the gut so that’s why you wanna eat the foods that we talked about on last week’s Saturday Strategy that are loaded with probiotics, prebiotics, things to stimulate that immune system and help you heal. One of my favorite teas is actually turmeric and ginger tea. You’ve seen me make videos about this, really good for you.

If you’re like me, like to exercise at least 5-6 times a week, to go 3-4 days a week you may notice that your joints and your body starts to ache. That’s the synovial gel in between your joints that starts to gum up and thicken. When it’s thicken your body doesn’t move correctly so that’s why exercise are jumping on a rebounder or doing yoga, doing tai chi, whatever it is loosens that synovial fluid up in your body and the pain starts to dissipate. Alright so we may look like crazy people out here in San Diego.

Here is what we’re doing is were stimulating our lymph system. If we are on a trampoline, we’d jump up and down that would get your lymph going and what your heart does is it pumps the blood. Your lymph system, you need to move it to get it going and that’s exactly what the lymph does. It’s actually 2 times bigger than your circulatory system so you actually have more lymph moving around. So any toxins or anything that is coming into your body whether it be food, emotional any

type of stress are gonna stay within your body so in less a week go ahead and get things moving right? Don’t be afraid to sweat, got to get out move, go to the gym, do some chi gong whatever it is move that lymph. Breathe in deeply again that goes back to the emotional and also getting things, clearing your mind, creating that ‘unstuckness’ in your body.

I was in the farmers market and I saw something that look just like ginger. It was this little root here. A little bit oranger and flavor obviously. You open it up and it almost looks like a carrot right? So I brought it home and started juicing.

I noticed in my own life was remarkable. A lot of the pain and the inflammatory responses that I noticed in the past of working out and being a runner and doing all the exercise that I did all throughout my life subsided rather quickly and I realized that turmeric has some very advanced healing properties when you have it on a consistent basis.

Curcumin actually insert itself inside cell membranes that aren’t working effectively in your body and helps amplify them. I have one piece of turmeric, I have one lemon and I have a little bit of ginger. We’re gonna add a dash of cayenne.

Thomas DeLauer here to talk about inflammation and how it’s holding you back and have nobody really

wants to talk about I mean we hear about it from time to time on blogs we hear about it on the internet but we don’t really get down to what exactly inflammation is and how it’s keeping you from living the best possible life and there’s so much science out there that’s backing up how bad inflammation is but nobody’s putting it in front of us and the biggest reason is because food lobbyists and big agriculture don’t want us to know how bad inflammation is they don’t want to know what causes it because then they wouldn’t be making money but the fact is it’s hurting us it’s hurting our weight loss it’s hurting us with disease and it’s flat-out making it so we don’t feel like herself anymore but before I go a whole lot further let me tell you a little bit of my story really quick and why you should hear me out on this I was 280 pounds working a corporate healthcare job i was borderline diabetic I had acid reflux I was hypertensive and my liver enzymes were through the roof but the worst of all of it is I felt like total garbage because I used to be an athlete and here i was sitting at a desk job weigh 280 pounds thinking that I was doing all the

right things thinking i was eating all the right foods but not being able to lose a pound and not being able to kick my ailments i was in the healthcare industry so I was immersed in so much science so it finally occurred to me one day that I need to dive in to studying inflammation so i took my resources within the healthcare industry and i started looking at inflammation I started looking about how it worked within the body and I started realizing that simply inflammation on its own could be what was holding me back and I started addressing things and I ultimately found that there was one food that I was eating a lot of that was triggering an immune response within my body making it hard for me to ultimately lose weight so I fix that issue and the weight did really start to fall off I mean it wasn’t the be-all-end-all but it definitely was what kick-started me

down the right path I’ll get into more of that in just a moment but i want to talk about how genetically modified foods and how pesticides preservatives and other foods that we are eating so much of our actually making it so that we can’t lose weight and causing dramatic amount of inflammation so I want to dive into what exactly inflammation is inflammation is just like when you get stung by a bee so let’s say you get stung by a bee on your arm it gets read it gets swollen and it becomes inflamed well that’s something called acute inflammation and that happens usually abruptly and on the skin but the thing is is that happens inside your body too and it’s called chronic inflammation and it’s the swelling is the inflammation it’s the immune response that happens within your body and the way that happens is there’s an enzyme your body called cyclooxygenase enzyme one cox-2 enzyme one and that enzyme triggers the release is something that are called prostaglandins those prostaglandins spark inflammation throughout the entire body basically those prostaglandins put your body on high alert and they say hey there’s an invader we need inflammation

to protect ourselves so that’s what happens and to make it a little bit clearer with what cox-2 enzyme one is when you take an aspirin or when you take an IV protein those pills directly inhibit cox-1 to reduce inflammation that’s why they’re called anti-inflammatories so you can imagine that if you’re eating foods that are stimulating that enzyme stimulating the cox-1 enzyme it’s doing the opposite of what an aspirin or ibuprofen would do it’s causing inflammation and what happens when your body has inflammation in it is your intestinal tract can become inflamed which means you’re not absorbing nutrients which means that your joints are swollen on the inside causing you pain which means that literally your brain can be swelling making you so that you have brain fog you can’t think clearly but for the sake of weight loss especially in my particular case my intestinal tract is inflamed that wasn’t absorbing nutrients so it was like I was going into starvation mode a body was saying hey you’re not getting calories so we need to put you in starvation and start storing fat even though I wasn’t eating that much even though i was eating the right foods so it’s pretty crazy once those cortisol

levels go up and you start storing body that it’s just a downhill spiral and you have to reverse that and what happens is when you eat the same food over and over and over again even if it’s healthy your body starts to respond that way by saying hey why do we have this food constantly coming in it must be bad so it raises a red flag and it triggers inflammation but here’s the thing with things like genetically modified foods the foods that we eat so much of that the food lobbyists big agriculture don’t want us to know our bad our bodies don’t recognize what they are they see him come in and they say this is a foreign invader this is something that is wreaking havoc on the body is the body doesn’t know what it is so what does it do boom shoots up the red flag again it causes the inflammation to protect you your body is just trying to protect you so it’s really not your fault at all nobody is telling us what’s going on we’re just stuck to eat the same foods over and over again and expecting a different result the more I think about it the more upset idea but it’s almost like I think about the tobacco industry back in the fifties and sixties no tobacco lobbyist they just push tobacco constantly nobody thought it was bad and then here we are decades later we know that tobacco causes cancer well the same thing I can almost guarantee is going to happen in 10 or 15 years with genetically modified foods and all the foods that were eating that we think are good for us but they’re bad we’re going to find out 15 years down the road that we’re going to come down with all kinds of things and the only thing that we can do is protect

ourselves we can’t sit here and we can expect anyone else to really help us we have to take control ourselves and the only way that we can really do that is to reset our bodies and understand which foods cause inflammation for us as individuals and that’s just the thing it’s not one secret food but it might be one secret food for you one food that you’ve been eating a lot of that’s causing this inflammation 1 food again that you thought was healthy that the big industry is telling you is healthy but is really not so I’ve created the seven-day reboot that allows you to reduce a dramatic amount of inflammation in just seven days and it’s not the be-all end-all again but it is going to reduce inflammation enough so that you can start absorbing your nutrients again you can start getting on the path to what you really want to be start feeling alive again but honestly you don’t have to take my word for it I want to read you a couple testimonials that honestly just really struck me emotional on Monday january $YEAR 11 2016 day one I way to 87.6 your seven-day protocol which includes your three-day cleanse and semi fast and so it began began that monday january $YEAR 11 with my way to 87.6 on day three Wednesday january fourteenth 2016 I had dropped a 280 3.5 I was excited guardedly so but excited yesterday a six no way as per your suggestion i tried on the board shorts i will be proudly wearing on soon again which is the before picture I couldn’t believe the difference drumroll please this morning the morning of day 7 I approached the bathroom scale which had failed me along with talents as i said before gimmick weight loss tease that I tried numerous times in dollars before i cautiously step on the scale shut my

eyes and held my breath the moment of truth has arrived for me and for Thomas handle our and i’m typing this with tears streaming down my face 275 . for Thank You Thomas and flower i’m pretty sure you you’re wonderful story and your testimony have saved my life i will share your story and all it entails with the world I’m beyond excited and cannot wait to continue my journey with you by my side thank you thank you thank you and God bless and that’s just some of the tens of thousands of people that have had amazing results by just rebooting their body within seven days and again this isn’t a weight-loss gimmick I’m not saying you’re gonna become the perfect person in seven days but it’s gonna give me what you need to get started down the right hat and you’ve got my story where I lost a hundred pounds and about a year-and-a-half transform my life by rebooting my body we’ve got my wife I like we haven’t talked too much about this story but my wife suffering from Lyme disease an autoimmune disorder suffering from hashimoto and immune disease that affects her thyroid and makes it hard for her to lose weight seeing that implementing the right foods at the right time was able to make her eat that and feel like herself again a woman that I’ve been with for 12 years and I’ve watched suffer see her come back to feeling like result that is why i created this because i know that i can do that for other people and know that it works and i know that we’re being

lied to and I know that we don’t have all the information that we really need but we can take it in our hands and we can do this we reboot our bodies and we can fight back by taking control so for just a few dollars a day for seven days you can reboot your body is literally the cost of something from the value menu every day for seven days and honestly there’s no risk if you don’t like it get a refund will give you your money back 0 questions asked no problem that confident in it so do yourself a favor and click on the link below and get started it doesn’t matter what your goal is whether you need to lose weight reduce pain get rid of some elements start reversing disease reducing inflammation is critical for everybody because we don’t want to be a statistic 15 or 20 years down the road( Thomas DeLauer)

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